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13 Aug, 2015

Waking Up Melonhopper!

Do you remember getting to wear your favorite dress on picture day? How about being elected Princess Jasmine while playing Disney Princesses at recess or somehow finagling the coveted role of Queen Frostine in a high-powered round of Candyland? 

If that rings a bell, then you recall what it’s like to feel confident, special, and beautiful as a young girl. The Melonhopper brand aims to remind women of that time when all it took to feel like a princess was simply believing that you were one.

For the lady who isn’t satisfied solely by seeing the world through her rose colored glasses–she needs the matching tutu, pink teddy bear backpack, and floral tights to go with it!! Melonhopper makes getting dressed, a fun, colorful, magical, fairy-tale experience that stems from self-acceptance and admiration of one’s inner and outer beauty.

Melonhopper has the essence and wardrobe of a princess who has the day off, but can’t deny her royal roots or sweet tooth for pastels, frills, glitter. Complete with enough ruffles, lace, satin, soft colors, rainbows, and unicorns to give the average person a serious sugar rush, Melonhopper has an affinity for all things sweet!

What can I expect from Melonhopper?

Sweet decorative accents. Dresses GALORE. The stark absence of dark colors. Inspiration from vintage babydolls and stuffed animals. Full skirts and tulle tutus. Whimsical cartoon prints and babyish fabrics. Glitter, bows, shimmer and sparkles. A-lined, figure flattering silhouettes. And of course; pastels, pastels, pastels!

Melonhopper is for the imaginative, positive, confident girl with an insatiable appetite for the adorable. If the thought of Care Bears vacationing in Candyland, My Little Pony having a lollipop picnic with her unicorn pals, and Barbie meeting Hello Kitty for a fancy tea party makes your day, then Melonhopper totally gets you!

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April 03, 2017

Do you guys only model locally? I would love to be part of this imaginative and quirky brand! Just an inquiry, email back if you have any information for me

Thanks x :)

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