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06 Oct, 2016

How to Dress Like Eleven from "Stranger Things" This Halloween

Our fave costume this year - the badass, telepathic heroine Eleven (expertly portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown) - comes from our fave hit TV show, Stranger Things. So clearly we had to create an homage to her, immortalized in pink polyester. Whether you're dressing up for Comic-Con or a Halloween party, our handy guide will tell you everything you need to slay this costume.

First off, you'll need the Eleven Dress from Melonhopper. It's a comfortable, stretchy, smocked light pink dress with a white peter pan collar and a vintage, 80s feel that makes it the perfect dress only Eleven could dig out of Nancy Wheeler's trunk of forgotten treasures. Currently available in misses and plus sizes, it's already sold out on Dolls Kill, so be sure to get yours before it's too late!

If you're planning on shaving off all your hair for this cosplay, we commend you. Five stars for incredible dedication, bravery, and authenticity. But if you don't wanna rock a buzz cut and don't already have shoulder length, dirty blonde hair, then grab this wavy lace front wig off eBay.

A little secret of ours is to tweeze out a few hairs along the part to achieve a natural looking scalp. You can also paint concealer along the part to really make it blend with your own skin tone. While there are plenty of wig adhesives and tapes out there to choose from, we often opt instead for a few dabs of Ardell's formaldehyde-free, clear brush on eyelash glue to secure the wig at the hairline. And don't forget to trim off the excess lace in the front! We like to cut it off as close to the hairline as possible.

You'll need a navy jacket to complete the look. We found an inexpensive windbreaker on Amazon that looks super comfy and on point. The sizing is in mens, which works cuz Eleven's is a bit baggy (remember, she borrowed it from Mike Wheeler). Bonus: put your phone and personal items in the pockets to avoid the need of a purse!

If you don't already own a pair of white Converse high tops, pick some up from Zappos. They're the originals and go with literally any outfit, so you'll be sure to get plenty of use out of this purchase. Pair them with Eleven's green and yellow striped knee high socks, and rejoice because your Halloween doesn't need to result in aching, sore feet at the end of the night!

Lastly, you'll want to dirty your face up and add some fake blood under one nostril (if you wanna get technical, it should actually be the left one). Grab some blood from a drug or Halloween store or make your own using one of the many recipes out there that usually involve some combination of corn syrup, cornstarch, and red food coloring.

Use a medium or dark brown eyeshadow to achieve a dirty look. Apply it randomly to your face using a slightly damp sponge or puff and blend with your fingers. A nice side effect of getting dirty is that it has the added bonus of creating a contouring effect. You can specifically target any areas or features of the face that you wish to minimize in size! No one will have to know your dirty little secret. ;)

Pick up some Eggos from your nearest grocery store for a fun prop, and you're done! You now have the coolest costume ever and are sure to win any contest you enter.

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13 Apr, 2016

Playing Dress Up in Real Life: Melonhopper's Top 10 Style Innovators on Instagram

Melonhopper's Spring Collection is ALL about bringing our pastel dreamland to life and providing a pathway for every gal to create her own reality! Meet a few of our fave Instagrammers who already do just that. In no particular order, they are:

1. Kailey Flyte of Mermaidens.
Gotta love her vintage Barbie style and cotton candy pink hair. This entrepreneur, beauty writer and artist is based in Portland, OR. @mermaidens

2. Baddie Winkie
The notorious Baddie Winkle blew up in the press last year for her wild rave style and BAMF way of life. Flashing her rainbow style and cleavage on the daily, she proves there are truly no boundaries to age. @baddiewinkle

3. Katie Rose
Katie Rose is a freelance social media specialist and an everyday princess. You're likely to see her roaming the streets at Disneyland dressed as Snow White or Aurora. @thedisneylandprincess

4. Kayla Hadlington
Kayla Hadlington is the modern reincarnation of Baby Spice! Think My Little Pony with some blue jean and punk thrown into the mix. @kaylahadlington

5. Hannah Gregory
Hannah Gregory's tagline warms our heart: “Be happy, dress cute and be kind." Her graceful lolita style makes her look like a living doll. It's almost as if she fell down the rabbit hole right into our pastel wonderland. @lupokku

6. Chrissa Sparkles
YouTube personality Chrissa Sparkles is everything sugary with a touch of sass. Her super friendly character and style is everything we love. Watch her channel for more on kawaii style, fitness, beauty and even a first look at Hello Kitty Con. @chrissasparkles

7. Phoebe LeeLoo
Phoebe LeeLoo brings back touches of 90s memorabilia, sparking memories of Bratz and The Little Mermaid. Just check out her Clueless inspired plaid skirt - she is the perfect combination of sea punk and girly nostalgia. @babegal.lee

8. Luna Lovebad
Luna Lovebad is one of our most inspirational advocates of self-love. Trans model, stylist and recording artist: she is a super-fly jack of all trades! Luna is definitely in our top 5 on Snapchat; one of the funniest, most genuine gals around! @lunalovebad

@lunalovebad on instagram

9. Carouselle 
Melonhopper's Chief Technical Unicorn (CTO) Danielle, aka @thecarouselle is a web designer, developer, occasional DJ and model. From Hello Kitty Con to Disney to Tokidoki, this magical and humble unicorn has done it all! Talk about one talented gal. We're lucky to have her on our team! 

10. Kate Hannah
The cutest rainbow-haired fashionista Kate Hannah wears multiple hats as a fashion student and style blogger. Her hair changes colors at every angle, and so do her outfits. Think rainbow sorbet ice cream, holographic textiles and of course, candy colored neon! @katehannah

We believe you should always dress in something that makes you smile, no matter where or who you are! Smiles are contagious and we bet your princess-y demeanor will lift those around you into the clouds. Melonhopper is all about being your personal best, which means dressing up for YOU! 

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13 Aug, 2015

Waking Up Melonhopper!

Do you remember getting to wear your favorite dress on picture day? How about being elected Princess Jasmine while playing Disney Princesses at recess or somehow finagling the coveted role of Queen Frostine in a high-powered round of Candyland? 

If that rings a bell, then you recall what it’s like to feel confident, special, and beautiful as a young girl. The Melonhopper brand aims to remind women of that time when all it took to feel like a princess was simply believing that you were one.

For the lady who isn’t satisfied solely by seeing the world through her rose colored glasses–she needs the matching tutu, pink teddy bear backpack, and floral tights to go with it!! Melonhopper makes getting dressed, a fun, colorful, magical, fairy-tale experience that stems from self-acceptance and admiration of one’s inner and outer beauty.

Melonhopper has the essence and wardrobe of a princess who has the day off, but can’t deny her royal roots or sweet tooth for pastels, frills, glitter. Complete with enough ruffles, lace, satin, soft colors, rainbows, and unicorns to give the average person a serious sugar rush, Melonhopper has an affinity for all things sweet!

What can I expect from Melonhopper?

Sweet decorative accents. Dresses GALORE. The stark absence of dark colors. Inspiration from vintage babydolls and stuffed animals. Full skirts and tulle tutus. Whimsical cartoon prints and babyish fabrics. Glitter, bows, shimmer and sparkles. A-lined, figure flattering silhouettes. And of course; pastels, pastels, pastels!

Melonhopper is for the imaginative, positive, confident girl with an insatiable appetite for the adorable. If the thought of Care Bears vacationing in Candyland, My Little Pony having a lollipop picnic with her unicorn pals, and Barbie meeting Hello Kitty for a fancy tea party makes your day, then Melonhopper totally gets you!

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